October 31, 2004

Electric H2 Hits Market

The Hummer H2 is nationally despised by environmentalists and advocates of sustainable transportation. As a result, manufacturers have developed an environmentally friendly alternative, the electric H2.
Unfortunately, the change has resulted in diminished utility for the sports utility vehicle. In this case, the utility you lose is the ability to sit inside the electric H2. See the groundbreaking vehicle here.

Yes, this news entry was a joke.

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October 27, 2004

NY Times Hybrid Slideshow

For all our readers who consider themselves, well, reading averse, the New York Times has featured a narrated hybrid slideshow in their cars section. The slideshow is available here even for those without a subscription to the Times.

While these images and stories are not news to the avid hybrid enthusiast, it's a great sign that the paper of record is giving sustainable technology some free press.

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October 23, 2004

Toyota Rumored to Produce Hybrids in US

According to the San Mateo Times, Toyota is considering shifting some of its hybrid car production to the United States.

Company representatives said that the NUMMI facility in California may be a destination for new hybrid vehicle production. While current Prius production will be expanded in 2005 to include an additional plant in Japan, there are no confirmed plans for Toyota to produce a hybrid vehicle in the United States.

If Toyota does move production states side, it would not be in 2005. Currently, the only hybrid made in the US is the Ford Escape Hybrid SUV.

The NUMMI plant would be an interesting location. A joint facility that produces both Toyota and GM vehicles, the NUMMI plants makes the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Tacoma, Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Voltz (export only).

October 22, 2004

Server Problem Resolved

After a few weeks of a tragic hardware failure, the site was forced to relocate...twice. Our recommendation: do not ever use a hosting company called Host Acres.

So, the hybrid blogging will continue. We have lots of catching up to do.

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