Mileage Calculator

Use this fuel savings calculator to estimate your annual fuel costs saved by driving a hybrid vehicle instead of what you drive now. The more you drive, the more you'll save.

Most people overestimate the mileage of their car. Look up your car's overall mileage and subtract 15% for real life conditions. Or, use your own data for an accurate comparison.

Your car's MPG
Gas Price
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Hybrid Model
Fuel Savings
Mileage for each hybrid model is used with permission from the GreenHybrid Mileage Database, updated on 9/05/05. Data used in this fuel savings calculator is as follows:
Official EPA esitmates are typically higher than actual mileage. The EPA's test is excellent for comparison between vehicles because of a controlled testing environment. EPA reported milage for hybrids is as follows:
As more manufacturers officially report the mileage of their hybrid models, and as the GreenHybrid Mileage Database grows, new hybrid cars and SUVs will be added to this hybrid fuel savings calculator.
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