Prius Waiting List

Really want that hybrid car? Prepare to get in line. Even if you've got the money and are ready to buy, you may have to wait from anywhere from three months to a year, depending on demand in your area.

You could always shop around for a used Prius or Civic Hybrid, or consider the Honda Insight, the only other hybrid available in 2004.

Toyota Prius Waiting List
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I heard that in certain parts of the US, spots on the waiting list were selling on eBay for $500, although I did not happen to see for myself.

Until your number is called, get a bumper sticker to show your dedication to the HEV movement.

My Subaru is sporting one of these, marking its place as the last in my lineage of internal combustion vehicles. Send me a picture of this sticker on your car, and it will be featured in the halls of hybrid envy.

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