Toyota Prius GT

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Toyota Prius GT
According to, Toyota will be showing its prototype Prius GT at the Paris Motor show this September.

The vehicle is similar to the conventional Prius model in that it uses the Hybrid Synergy Drive - containing the same hybrid technology.

However, according to Canadian Driver, the car has some sporty modifications:

The standard Prius Atkinson-cycle gas engine has been replaced by the 1.5-litre Yaris (Echo) T Sport powerplant which provides better response and results in a power gain of 29%, from 77 hp to 99 hp.

The Prius GT goes 0-60 in 8.7 seconds, all while maintaining the fuel efficiency of the conventional Prius under normal speeds.

There is no word yet on the vehicle's chance at mass production.

Posted on September 02, 2004 | 1 Comments
Iván Gutiérrez Montaño's review, dated January 27 '06:

I want to know haw possible it is to have that car saled in Mexico, when is that going to happen, an if it is possible, what will be the price to that car.

Thank you a lot.

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