Mild Hybrid Configuration

There is some debate as to whether a "mild" hybrid is in fact really a hybrid car. Most vehicles in the category, like the Toyota Prius, use a combination of a gasoline engine and an electric motor for propulsion. Other configurations deliver the two forms of power to the drive train in different ways. In a mild hybrid, the electric component does not drive the vehicle at all; it only reduces the reliance on the gasoline engine and allows it to stop and start more quickly.

Fuel efficiency is increased when the gasoline engine turns off during braking or when the vehicle is completely stopped. The electric component acts as a starter motor, allowing the vehicle to react quickly when accelerating from complete rest. In addition, the battery, recharged by regenerative braking, is used to reduce strain on the gasoline engine by powering components such as the air conditioning.

GM's future hybrid models will be mild configurations, and are expected to increase mileage by 15%.

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