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Joy Diegmueller's testimonial, dated September 5 '05:

I purchased a Lexus 400h on July 9; I have almost 3,000 miles on it. I hate to say it but I'm pretty disappointed in the gas mileage I have been getting. The first several tanks averaged about 21-22 MPG; my last tank actually got 24 MPG (which if I could get that every time I would probably be satisfied with); but the tank I'm on now is running at 22 MPG. I was under the impression these cars would be in the upper 20's. My salesman claims other customers of his get in the 30's - lucky them. It is a sharp car though and has good pick up (which I rarely use because you can watch it lose a tenth of a gallon on the MPG if you "kick it." I guess what galls me the most is that this car cost probably $8-10,000 more than what I could have purchased an '05 RX 330 for at the end of the season.