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Steve Keinath's testimonial, dated May 18 '05:

I love my 2005 Insight!!

On the positive side: The gas mileage is awesome (I can easily go over 400 miles between fill ups), I have a unique car (I don't see many Insights)and having a small car makes it easy to park.

On the negative side: The ride is not the smoothest (no worse than a Camaro), there isn't much cargo room and there is no cruise control.

This car is not for everyone, but if you don't have children or plan on using it as a secondary vehicle, this a great car!!

Marc's testimonial, dated November 9 '05:

Honda released the CRX HF hatchback in 1984. It got 49/54 mpg vs. the Insights 60/65 mpg. The cars are very similar in terms of body design, weight, horsepower, speed/acceleration, etc. So what's the big deal about 10 extra mpg? With more than 20 years of technological advancements, space age polymers, and regenerative breaking that's the best than Honda can do?! When is Honda going to get on the ball? There Civic hybrid gets comparable mileage to the Toyota and Lexus SUV's.

john petell's testimonial, dated April 30 '08:

i have owned my honda insight yr 2000 for about 5yrs and love it. i average around 65 to 69 mpg in the summer, fall and spring. in the winter i get around 55 to 62. i look at driving as a means to get there with the least amount of energy, the cheapist way and to save the environment. living out in the country and commuting to work about 24miles perday one way this car is perfect. if is sad that the car has stopped production. sometimes i think our usa thinks backwards. love this car and hope to have for another 10 yrs.

Bobbi's testimonial, dated January 18 '09:

I think it's obvious from Marc's testimonial that he's never owned one, or he'd "get it". Try to find a CRX, good luck, and consider the emissions factor. Everywhere I go people comment on what a great car this is! I changed the stock tires to kumho snow tires, greatly improved the ride, but I lost about 4 miles per gallon. I use it for work as a service vehicle & I love it. The one time I got pulled over for speeding, the cops let me off because they couldn't believe it would go that fast. A couple of pluses in my book,
1) Drives like a sports car. ( I should know, owned 1 MGB, 1 mazda RX7, 3 toyota MR2s.)
2) High WOW factor. Doesn't look like every other car.
3)Makes you feel like a hero driving it.
4)People make you pull it in the lineup at car shows.(Yes, Really.)
5)Gas powered only cars DON'T get 45+ miles per gallon IN TOWN.