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Biff's testimonial, dated October 14 '05:

I traded in my 02 Trailblazer EXT (lifetime MPG after 100k miles: 16.8) for this car. It is a company car (we are in manufacturing) and we did a bit of soul searching, but in the end the numbers don't lie.

This is a fun and exciting car to drive. I have a 39 mile commute and drive aroun 120 miles per day. After only one week, I have seen 32-34 mpg for a day of highway, country, city, and multiple cold starts. Just for interest, today I turned off the screen that showed the performance so I could drive the way I normally do and not pay attention to the mpg. I drove 80+ on the freeway, made several stops in the city, and made a couple of short jumps on a cold engine and got 29mpg.

It is quick and responsive. The electric motor makes it very tempting to dart in and out of traffic. The interior is comfortable and roomy. The navigation system is interesting. (I say interesting because I have not finished learning its features.) So far I like it.

I have multiple complaints, but they are all minor:
- the steering wheel does not tilt enough and almost always obscures part of the instrument cluster.
- The windshield wiper stick is too close to the steering wheel. I hit it when making a turn.
- It has been five cars since I have had to manually turn my headlights on and off. That is ridiculous in a $30+k car.
- The door does not stay open. I have multiple shin bruises from the door.
- I am proud of the fact that I bought a hybrid. I would have appreciated a different trim scheme, or failing that, a few more "hybrid" tags on the car. For this kind of money, I want people to know I am driving an ULEV.

Overall, this is a fantastic ride and I am glad I bought it. I just hope Honda is tracking yahoo and fixes these annoyances.