Toyota May Increase Prius Production

Bloobmerg reported that Toyota may be ready to finalize a decision to increase Prius production at one of its factories in Japan to mean an annual sales goal of 50,000 in the US. Currently, the Prius is not manufactured outside of Japan.

The article pigeonholes the motives of Prius owners by stating:

[The] Prius has been aided by the myth that its owners are rescuing a soon-to-be-energy-starved planet - an idea perpetuated by some scientists, as well as entertainers like Larry David...
I firmly believe that we are so dependent on oil, that no decrease in demand will avoid the eventuality of extracting and burning all the fossil fuel in the world. Instead, I suggest the idea that hybrid car owners are concerned with the near term effect of energy dependence, foreign policy, national security, and don't mind saving a few dollars on the side. Of course, cutting back on harmful emissions doesn't hurt, either.

Posted on July 22, 2004 | 0 Comments