Saturn Runs Hybrid Dig TV Spot

I just saw a commercial for the Saturn ION that took a jab at hybrids. If I remember correctly, the narrator pokes fun at vehicles that get "300 miles to the gallon" but get passed by mopeds. The Saturn ION gets 32 mpg highway and has 130 hp (ooh, ahh). Perhaps the creatives that made this up to misinform the public all drive electric pogo sticks, because the notion that efficient vehicles have no acceleration is completely false. Or maybe GM (Saturn's parent company) is just sore that it dragged its R & D feet in the fuel efficiency game.

If anyone can find a link to this commercial it would be greatly appreciated. Please post it to the comments for this entry. Thanks.

Posted on March 29, 2005 | 1 Comments
Nicholas's review, dated April 4 '05:

I also found this particular commercial rather obnoxious, first because of the mocking of hybrids, and second because it really just doesn't make sense. A Saturn ION is less than a second quicker from 0-60 mph than a Toyota Prius.

When comparing 4 second sports cars, 0.7ish seconds is a significant difference; the faster car is significantly faster, almost 18%. When comparing the Prius and ION, you're looking at a third of that.

We may take a second longer to get from 0-60, but we'll spend half their time at the gas station!

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