More Government Hybrid Fleets

Below are excerpts from a Toyota press release:

The Kentucky Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet (EPPC) today displayed its solution to high gasoline prices – its new, high-mileage Toyota Prius fleet vehicles.

Four of the gas-electric hybrids were added to the cabinet's fleet this year to help reduce cost and increase efficiency for Kentucky taxpayers. EPPC Secretary LaJuana S. Wilcher said that was in keeping with the philosophy of Governor Ernie Fletcher's administration.

"Governor Fletcher and this cabinet are committed to saving tax dollars and protecting the environment by using this fuel-efficient technology," Wilcher said. "Governor Fletcher pledged to make state government more efficient, and the use of hybrid vehicles is just one example of that commitment in action."

City-highway mileage for the cabinet's Prius vehicles has averaged 47.6 mpg, compared with 21.5 mpg that was typical of the larger sedans. "In-town" mileage has been 59 mpg for the Prius, compared with 16 mpg for other sedans. In addition, the federal government includes the Prius among vehicles rated best for reduced "greenhouse gas" emissions.
Posted on April 21, 2005 | 0 Comments