Hybrid Drivers in CA Wait For HOV Access

Unfortunately, the federal government is taking it's time in granting a waiver that would allow hybrid vehicles to drive in high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.

Because of all the press awarded to California's efforts to reward drivers of highly efficient vehicles with access to HOV lanes, some single occupancy hybrid drivers may slip into HOV lanes illegally. While the state wants to grant access to some hybrid drivers, be confident that they'll give out tickets until the federal waiver is granted.

Posted on January 01, 2005 | 2 Comments
Mark's review, dated January 15 '05:

Does it make sence to allow a Ford SUV (hybrid) driver whose vehicle cnconsums 25 miles on a Gallon to ride on the HOV lane while ticketing a Jetta driver whose car runs on 36 miles on a Gallon without the hybrid feature? Any use of SOV vehicles on the HOV lanes is a misuse by letter and spirit.

The HOV should remain for public transportation and carpools and vanpools, as the nomenclature HOV suggests: High Occupancy!

Andreas Welter's review, dated January 16 '05:

Currently in the state of Virginia you are allowed to drive in the HOV lanes to and from Washington D.C. .This will unfortunetly end in July ,2006 .If the federal government step's in it will make myself and other hybrid owner's very happy.

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