Think hybrid cars should only appeal to tree-hugging lefties? There are lots of people who think so.

Is Bjorn Lomborg your favorite environmentalist? Do you believe private companies have better incentive to take care of the planet than the government? Or do you consider the government's tax breaks an ideological reason not to buy a hybrid car? If so, there are still plenty of reasons for you to get a hybrid.

Consider the benefits for national security of buying less oil from unsavory countries. You don't have to be a conspiracy-theorist to understand the effect the need for oil in the United States and industrialized countries plays in foreign policy. With less need for oil, the U.S. would have a smaller interest in the events in anti-Western countries that can't get their acts together.

For example, the U.S. could pull away from the extreme views in Saudi Arabia and pressure the Saudi government to fight terrorists more aggressively with less consideration given to the Saudis shutting the oil spigots. Currently, it is difficult to confront the Saudis because of the leverage they hold due to their enormous oil reserve supply. By cutting the demand for oil, you can weaken the hand of the suppliers. Then we can demand the Saudis stop teaching hate of the U.S. and non-Muslim world.

With less oil consumed, the world could conduct its affairs without having to tap oil in Iran or care about the effect a Castroite leader in Venezuela has on the oil market.

You likely think driving an SUV or pickup is a personal choice and part of you making use of your liberty. And you definitely get upset when people tell you what car to drive. However, driving a hybrid will do far more to lessen the size of government and increase your liberty than driving an SUV. Gas taxes total 28% of the price of gas and increasingly less of the revenue generated by gas taxes is spent on road and highway maintenance. If you want to cut the money the government can mismanage, then start buying less gas and deny them the funds.

Still not convinced? Under the latest U.S. federal tax cut plan you may save between a few hundred dollars and $1,600. By driving a hybrid car, you can save the same amount of money by spending less on gas. Consider the new hybrid car you purchase your own personal tax cut.

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